College Experience Staff Trainer Living ResourcesLiving Resources, Inc. always likes providing opportunities for our individuals to reach new heights as we teach them the skills necessary to excel as a co-worker, friend, employee, romantic partner, artist, and plenty of other wonderful things. As much as we try to teach them, they also do a superb job of teaching us how to hone our abilities as Direct Care Workers. And once in a while, they are literally teaching us as a classroom instructor. On that note … allow us to introduce the talented, humorous, and loquacious (a.k.a. talkative) Andrew Maggio ’14, who just had his strong debut as a staff trainer on Monday, February 11, 2019.

Andrew delivered a 20-minute talk about how to become a more empathetic and supportive staff member when working with our individuals. His advice included such valuable tips as establishing clear boundaries when separating a working relationship from a friendship. He states, “The best way to deal with it is to remind the person, ‘Let’s be appropriate. Let’s not be too inappropriate. Remember I am your staff.’ Be friendly with them but not too friendly because it can send mixed signals in the brain.”

Andrew also collaborated with the staff on tactics that will allow them to avoid giving individuals false hope with regards to pursuing “illogical goals” but at the same time they can respect the individual’s dreams without being condescending, which Andrew explains may be a form of bullying. For example, if an individual wants to become President of the United States, staff could go over what is necessary in order to achieve such a goal instead of blurting out, “That is absolutely ridiculous and will never happen!”

“Love and patience are the most important things any staff can give,” Andrew emphasizes. And always a comedian, Andrew was quick to point out that he is NOT talking about “love” in the romantic sense! He went on to explain, “If you are patient with them then they are patient with you. “

Andrew is not only a new staff trainer for the Orientation, but he is also a 2014 graduate of the College Experience and has enjoyed a long career in the retail business at Marshall’s Department Store. We wish Andrew continuous success with this new role at Living Resources, Inc. and have little doubts he will continue to inspire incoming employees!