The Alumni Activities Club ventured out to a ValleyCats ballgame at Joseph Bruno Stadium in Troy, NY on the last day of August. The night was meant for a baseball game and everybody had a wonderful time cheering on the local players. We ended up leaving a little early to beat the traffic at the request of the alumni and were very pleased to have learned that the ValleyCats won against the visiting opponent of the Sussex County Miners. Joseph Bruno Stadium has always been quite generous to Living Resources by reserving seats specifically for those we serve, allowing affordable ticket prices to our individuals, and even allowing a member of the Living Resources family to throw out the first pitch during certain games.

Brendan Salmon had taken the liberty of inviting his staff, Jesse Saperstein and another alumnus named Ra’Kwon Brady to the game. Baseball games are one of the hallmark rituals of summertime and are often a timeless tradition for family. The game is quite exciting to watch, but a lot of it is about being with people you care about and even enjoying junk food (in moderation, of course). The alumni did an excellent job with practicing community navigation by working together with staff to find the parking garage, too!

As the outdoor pools and beaches inevitably close over the next few weeks, we shall certainly make an effort to milk out the lingering warmth of the Indian summer by planning more outdoor activities. We are thinking that pumpkin picking and a trip to the Headless Horseman Attraction in Ulster County will be fun options for the Alumni Activities Club.