The College Experience is fortunate enough to be situated within the bustling heart of the State Capital that is flush with amenities. Students have access to Market 32 and numerous shops within walking distance of their residences in addition to being a stone’s throw away from campus.

The steady routes of CDTA buses are also inexpensive options when it comes to transporting students to the local theaters, malls, and major transit centers. We are always pleased when so many students choose to remain in the area as alumni sometimes less than half-a-mile from where they originally lived as students in the program.

When alumni choose to continue their journey in the Transitions Program with sufficient staff support, we encourage them to continue making use of the resources at their fingertips while fostering social connections with their peers and supportive individuals in their community. Thanks to Amy Maiorano, both goals were accomplished on the night of Wednesday, May 15, 2019!

College Experience Alumni ActivitiesAmy invited her fellow alumni of Jordan, Jessica, Bill, and Rob to her apartment in Guilderland, NY where they gathered for hors d’oeuvres and ordered a large pizza pie from one of the local restaurants. Featured in the photograph from left to right are Jessica, Amy, and Jordan.

The purpose of this gathering was to peruse options for activities that will be enhanced by long summer days! The alumni discussed options at Amy’s house along with their Volunteer Coordinator offering staff assistance when necessary.

We were able to go over possibilities for many adventures including some overnight trips. Regardless of whether staff is able to escort the alumni on all of these excursions, we will help with planning and finding financially-reasonable options.

The following are some of the possibilities that Amy and her guests discussed during the party and we anticipate that some of them will come to fruition: The Hamptons; Splish Splash Waterpark; Old Orchard Beach in Maine; Boston; local breweries; Lake George; Newport, Rhode Island; Provincetown; Cape Cod; rollerskating/rollerblading; a Broadway show such as Beetlejuice; a Norwegian Cruise; Lake Placid; Bear Mountain; Mohonk Mountain House; the new indoor waterpark in Monticello; Niagara Falls; the Basketball Hall of Fame in Springfield, Massachusetts; a Yankee Trails Bus Tour; a kayaking trip; Bashbish Falls; and vinyl record shopping in New York City.

It is extremely unlikely we will be able to squeeze all of these activities in the span of one summer, which is still in its infancy. But staff and alumni will do our absolute best to fulfill a decent handful of these ideas. The Awesome Alumni Activities Club was recently opened up to senior students to allow them increased interaction with peer role models and a taste of what the College Experience has to offer them as alumni. We look forward to making the most of the many summer days ahead!