The goal of the Alumni Activities Club right now is to rule the summertime before it inevitably fades into lukewarm days and semi-chilly nights come this autumn. They took this action on the date of Sunday, July 7, 2019 when four alumni piled into a vehicle that was driven by staff to SplashDown Beach located in Fishkill, NY.

The Alumni Activities Club reserved the whole weekend to make this event happen just in case one of the weekend days was spoiled by rain. Sure enough…this particular Sunday was accurately predicted to be a pristine day for racing down the waterslides!

SplashDown Beach College ExperienceIncluded is a photograph of Dale, Denise, Mia, and Andrew before they changed into their swimwear to sample the thrills of “America’s Biggest Little Water Park.”

The second image is SplashDown’s famous wave pool with the imposing Humunga Half-Pipe in the background. Alumni also braved such attractions as The Megalodon and the Arctic Mammoth for hours of fun. Once in a while, they took breaks with a gentle excursion down the Croc Creek Wavy Lazy River. The trip was followed with a stop at the I-84 Diner in Fishkill, NY before driving back to Albany.

SplashDown Beach College ExperienceOne of the best parts of being an adult is seizing back childhood pleasures and having an awesome time at such places after the workweek has run its course! This is one of the many reasons we provide the resources for our students and alumni to achieve success with paid employment. It is wonderful to have the financial means to enjoy such adventures and be able to budget money more efficiently. The staff members are also able to boast about having the type of job where it does not always feel like “work,” as we cherish these types of days alongside those we support.

The advantages of the Alumni Activities Club are accessible to any and all alumni regardless of age or whether they are still receiving services from the auspices of Living Resources, Inc.

The only three rules we have for the Alumni Activities Club are: 1. Treat your peers with respect even if you are not exactly friends; 2. Advocate for what you want; and 3. Have fun but be safe!