The College Experience and Living Resources, Inc. would like to give a heartfelt, congratulatory round of applause to Alek Fisher who just began his shifts as a volunteer at the Guilderland YMCA on Tuesday, October 15, 2019! He was assisted by his new co-worker at the front desk, Jodi as far as learning how to scan and greet incoming members in addition to making large pots of complimentary coffee in the lobby.

Alek is already an experienced member of the YMCA and even maintains a paid position at the after school program housed in Menands Elementary School. We are deeply appreciative to the Guilderland YMCA for being so kind to our alumni and Alek is just one of many who have had good experiences in the complex. We have no doubt that Alek will make an outstanding contribution as he volunteers every week on Tuesdays, Wednesday, and Thursdays!

Alek Guilderland YMCA College Epxerience