The awesome Alumni Activities Club enjoys taking graduates to recreational adventures locally and even out-of-state. The alumni take the initiative to meet with staff once a month to propose activities and figure out the resources as well as the logistics to make them come to fruition. For local activities, staff will travel with the alumni on-foot or utilize public transportation to encourage them to pursue their own adventures even when staff members are not around to facilitate outings. The club is accessible to any alumnus of the CollegeExperience even if they choose to not continue their journey under the auspices of Living Resources, Inc.

A short time ago we went on two very different and enjoyable daytrips during the same weekend. On a fun-filled weekend in March, staff transported the alumni to the massive indoor waterpark at the Six Flags Great Escape Lodge & Indoor Waterpark in Queensbury, NY on Saturday, March 17, 2018. Andrew, Dale, and Rebekah enjoyed splashing around in this biosphere of aquatic paradise where the winters are forever mild at 82 degrees Fahrenheit!

The following day on Sunday, March 18, 2018 staff walked with Mia and Mariah to Albany High School on Washington Avenue about ten minutes away from their residence to attend a showing of the play, “Hairspray” performed by an extremely talented cast and crew composed of student as well as faculty. The play focused on the commencement of racial integration in early 1960s Baltimore spearheaded by a heavyset, albeit beautiful, teenage girl named Tracy Turnblad.

Even as the Alumni Activities Club is currently competing with a winter that does not seem to want to let go…we are in the middle of April, and the warmer days are on the horizon. We are currently planning for outdoor activities and researching trips to venues such as Cape Cod, MA; Ocean City, MD; and even hiking expeditions on the Appalachian Trail. Last year the alumni were brought to Wildwood Crest, NJ for a beach vacation, and we intend to replicate the joy experienced from such past excursions!