The College Experience is proud to present this slightly-belated Halloween Treat that the students created the weekend of October 31st. Halloween fell on a Sunday this year, which made it much easier to create as much fun as possible! Our goal is to always find ways to help our students get into the Halloween spirit and enjoy all of the cherished Holidays here in Albany. Whether it is Groundhog Day or Valentine’s Day, we want our students to always be happy and have fun especially if this is the first time they are away from their family’s home.

We’re happy to share some photos from their students’ adventures on Halloween. Here are the descriptions of the photos in order of their appearance. We thank our staff Esther Chong for providing these photos and all of the relevant information, too!

Anna and Jaron’s Halloween Bash (10/24/2021). Students spent the evening dancing to Halloween music, munching on treats, and playing Halloween board games.


Anna and Jaron’s Halloween Bash (10/24/2021). Seen in the photo are students (from left to right) Molly, Megan, Jack, and Ivy.

Harry’s Pumpkin Carving Event (10/16/2021). Students spent the evening carving their own pumpkins to get into the Halloween spirit.