The College Experience is touched to present this family photograph of our 2019 alumnus, Rachael Rose (left in the green ELF shirt) celebrating Christmas with her sister, Victoria as they dove into the presents on Christmas morning. In the spirit of 2020, things did not go quite as planned and yet the show was still able to go on using improvisation as well as a positive attitude. Rachael’s mother, Karen explained in her own words,

“What made our Christmas interesting and memorable is we had no power from 2:00 AM until 8:00 PM, but we managed to make minor adjustments to our plans including cooking on a camp stove for breakfast and the outdoor grill for dinner, and we enjoyed great conversation and board games.”

Rachael and the entire Rose Family have been longtime supporters of the Alumni Activities Club. They once invited us to their hometown of Poughkeepsie where we all attended an event at their Germania of Poughkeepsie Club, which is their local German-American Club. We are looking forward to repeating such adventures as we hopefully inch our way back into normalcy.