We are always so overjoyed when individuals associated with the College Experience meet new people they get along with and have mutual respect for one another. Mariah Velvis and Dora Butner (from left to right) are featured in this photograph enjoying dinner together at Juniors Bar and Grill Restaurant on Madison Avenue close to the Saint Rose College Campus.

Mariah graduated from the College Experience in 2013 and is an active participant in the Self-Advocacy Group run by Living Resources. She has also made wonderful strides in the professional world as a bagger and shelf stocker at ShopRite. Dora just graduated from the College Experience and has an interest in exercising, which has led her to try out the Walking Club offered by the College Experience. Both Dora and Mariah have a strong interest in cats, which gave them much to talk about during this enjoyable meal.

We hope that Dora and Mariah will remain in contact. Mariah will most likely serve as a wonderful mentor for Dora based on her eight years of experience as a College Experience alumnus.