This summer was all about making up for lost time after we missed out on so much in 2020 for our own safety. It became safer to venture out into the old excursions that used to be synonymous with summer, which is what Andrew Maggio and Bill Fitzpatrick decided to do when they asked for an Alumni Activities Club adventure to Darien Lake, which is a popular amusement park that is an extension of Six Flags Great Adventure.

Staff drove Bill and Andrew over three hours away so they could stay at the beautiful Lodge on the Lake Hotel. (The miles melted away thanks to the “open faucet” of musical entertainment courtesy of the Alexa mobile app.) We spent a full day riding rollercoasters and enjoying the local cuisine at two restaurants. Our favorite restaurant was, “My Saloon” ( The temperature was lukewarm with the threat of bad weather holding off until the very end of our fun-filled day. Andrew even heroically came to the assistance of a woman who was felled by heat exhaustion by offering her some water and directing her to the nearest place where she could get some help.

We are hoping you are going to enjoy the photos captured from our trip, and we are optimistic there will be more where this came from as we milk out the remainder of the decent weather during our Indian summer. We are now in the process of planning an apple picking trip and an overnight stay at Six Flags Great Escape Lodge & Indoor Waterpark in the Lake George area.