The College Experience recently welcomed back one of our accomplished alumni, Jake Siskin. We are very happy to have him return and donate his time toward conducting campus tours and walking trials for the new students during the freshman orientation. Jake is currently receiving assistance from the Employment Services Department of Living Resources, Inc. and he worked with them to get set up with volunteering during the orientation. Employment Services also assisted Jake with obtaining his COVID-19 test to ensure that he and the students would remain safe.

Jake remembers the time when he was once in the same situation as the freshmen students. Everything was brand new and raw at the time. Support from staff and family members definitely made things easier, although it was hardly easy. It would be a while before the days would become more routine and the College Experience would start to feel more like home. It also takes a while before the routes to nearby businesses and locations on campus become second nature.

Jake is leading campus tours Monday and Wednesday of this week in addition to making sure the students are certified to walk to campus on their own without becoming confused or experiencing problems with Street Safety. Jake has also maintained a productive and busy career working at the SEFCU Bank among other endeavors as a post-graduate.

Attached is a photograph of Jake decked out in his College Experience uniform shortly before walking to campus today to lead another group of students!