Shows photo of woman holding babyIt is true this has been a challenging year for most of us with more sadness than exhilaration. But sometimes joy still finds its way into our hearts with the strength of a thunderclap! On that note, we would like to acknowledge 26-year-old Amy Maiorano from the Class of 2017 who just celebrated the birth of her new nephew, Jaxon Dean on Monday, November 9, 2020. The family shared photos of Amy holding her newborn nephew as well as the proud parents comprised of Amy’s older sister, Nicole Maiorano Belmonte and her brother-in-law, Michael Belmonte!

Amy lives with Deletion 22q, which is the second most common chromosomal disorder after Down Syndrome and has been on the Albany News because of her music video, “22Q”, in the style of Taylor Swift’s “22”. She has also worked at the After School Program run by the Guilderland YMCA and is currently employed part-time by a cleaning company. November happens to be Deletion 22q Awareness Month so let’s all encourage Amy with her advocacy and public speaking! Amy also receives a great deal of support from her younger sister, Danielle in addition to her parents, Dean and Michele.