On Friday, September 20, 2019, Living Resources, Inc. hosted their 10th Annual Golf Tournament at the Colonie Golf and Country Club located in Voorheesville, NY, in which substantial funding was raised for the College Experience program.

We were joined by plenty of prominent members of the community including former College of Saint Rose President, Maggie Kirwin and the 74th Mayor of Albany, Gerald Jennings.

10th Annual Golf Tournament College ExperienceCurrent students and alumni helped make this a phenomenal event on one of the most gorgeous, summer-like days of autumn. One of our 2019 graduates, Tor Kronbichler served as a golf pro for a stop on the golf course called, “Beat the Pro” and raised a decent amount of money for the program as people paid $10.00 at a time to try to hit the golf ball farther and straighter than his shots. He was joined by one of the freshman students, Dan Sereikis for this fundraising effort. Many of the challengers did not succeed because Tor and Dan are skilled golfers, and we thank both of them for going above and beyond the line of duty by giving their talents to the event.

One of the photographs features freshmen students, Malasha and Britt (from left to right) helping to hand out gift bags to thank all of the generous attendees during the Registration in the morning. The second photo shows many of our students decked out in their College Experience shirts having a pleasant break from classes and the time of their lives. (Our resident golf pro, Tor is wearing a blue hat).

We would like to also show our appreciation to all the staff members for transporting the students to the event. Hopefully this wonderful event is going to set the tone for the rest of the year and we look forward to other events involving the students as well as the Capital Region!

10th Annual Golf Tournament College Experience