• To limit exposure to the coronavirus, we are asking that students and families limit travel to and from the program.

    However, we recognize that students sometimes need to return home for family emergencies or other critical reasons.

    If a student must travel, we ask that a family member submit this Request to Travel Home form at least 48 hours in advance of travel. The 48-hour time frame will be waived in emergency situations.

    If a student is feeling homesick, we suggest families visit the program rather than have students travel home. To request a visit, please fill out a Request to Visit form.

    PLEASE NOTE: traveling students need to follow the ‘Requirements for Return’ listed below prior to leaving. In addition:
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  • If a student is traveling to a state identified as a high-risk area by NYS, a discussion will be held prior to the rules and regulations the student must follow in order to return.

  • Requirements for Return
    • All students who travel need to be tested for COVID-19 before their return
    • The student MUST fill out a Return to Dorm for Students form the day of return and have their temperature logged upon arrival
    • If the student’s temperature is 100 degrees or higher they will not be permitted back to the program that day
    • If the student is awaiting the results of a COVID-19 test, they must wear a face covering at all times, except when alone in their bedroom
    • A parent or guardian must submit a signed Return to Dorm for Parents and Guardians form before the returning student will be allowed back into their residence
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